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Parties interested in receiving statistics on a regular basis subscribe to the Naamsa statistical services.

During the course of 2004 it was decided, due to varying demand from the industry and interested parties, to introduce a bouquet of services to better address the needs of the globally-expanding marketplace. At the same time the offerings have been enhanced in varying ways. It is stressed that the data is Classified Proprietary Information (please read the copyright page at

Naamsa is proud to announce its bouquet of retail sales statistical services as comprising, from 2005, the following:

A monthly publication emailed to viewers in .pdf format.
Contains regional sales by model line, plus graphs and comment by Director Mr. Nico Vermeulen
Please see Note: below
A visual online system accessible via internet.
Contains an extensive library of:
Sales statistics, Revenue statistics, Graphs, Tables, Export statistics and the powerful new Naamsa/Lightstone Auto clickable maps system

Note: (If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please visit and download your own free copy to read .pdf files)

The fees are outlined at together with application to become a subscriber - Please contact should you have any queries.

Further Detail in Statistics

The databases wherein data is stored at Lightstone Auto, go back over many years and data is stored in far further detail than what is represented here.  Sales are recorded by individual model within every registration district. This may be a city, town or rural region. There are more than four hundred such areas. The extent of  this detail provides one however, with the ability to perform "finite" analysis at a very low level of base data.

It is possible to request Naamsa or Lightstone Auto to perform further analysis to one's particular requirements or specifications.

By simple way of example, (the enquirer) a Finance Institution - or Component Manufacturer - may divide the country into, lets say.....9 Regions each under the responsibility of a Region Manager. These Regions are called Region 1 to Region 9 and with the assistance of Lightstone Auto, these "Regions" are created by grouping together any number of "Licensing Districts".
The next step would be to group all individual models into required analysis groupings. Possibly the enquirer would wish to view the Passenger Car market in, lets say....21 Groups. As before, each and every model would be allocated into its pertinent group. With the database thus grouped and redefined to the enquirer's exact needs, each month it is  possible to extract current and history data and make this available in an on-line format via internet or even via email for the viewer's examination. Thus, top management can measure the performance of each Region Manager's area versus his in-house systems expectations.
Should you require any form of marketing analysis, please contact

At all times the rights of Naamsa and Lightstone Auto are most strongly and rigidly upheld, as laid out in and data may not, under any circumstances, be onward sold in any manner. Any infringement can and will be legally pursued and Lightstone Auto and Naamsa reserve the right to claim damages.

Associated Matters in the Motor Industry
Should you require any further information on the South African Motor Industry, or any matters related thereto, for example local content issues, safety legislation or fuel issues, then please email your query to NAAMSA on directly. NAAMSA has working groups or specialist committees tackling each of the major issues in the industry.

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