To be the most credible and respected thought leader and partner of a globally competitive and transformed automotive industry that actively contribute to the sustainable development of South Africa.

Through this ambition, we will bring to life what “CREDIBILITY AND RESPECT” means for NAAMSA, where we are today and what we need to do more of. We have many opportunities to drive advocacy, and realise the value of our reputation among a wide array of stakeholders, including customers, Government, regulators, NGOs, special interest automotive campaigners, labour unions, the media and commentators.


NAAMSA’s essence is about the creation, activation and provision of a powerful, authentic voice for and by the automobile industry.


How we collectively show up and what people say about us when we’ve left the room is important.


The brand promise that lies behind every product manufactured, imported or exported by each of our member drives who we truly are, a partner you can trust.


Consciously create strong platforms with which to engage, manage, influence and drive advocacy at all levels and grow the economy of the country.